2010 Library Journal 年度推薦科幻奇幻書單

年度推薦書單又一彈!Library Journal 也列出他們的年度類型文學推薦書單,科幻奇幻類共有五本,連同簡介直接抓來放在下面:

Barclay, James. Elfsorrow. Pyr: Prometheus. (Legends of the Raven, Bk. 1). ISBN 9781616142483. pap. $17.
The mercenaries of the Raven journey to the heart of the elven continent of Calaius to save the land from dying in a superbly visualized fantasy adventure reminiscent of Glen Cook's classic Black Company tales. (LJ 11/15/10)

McCaffrey, Todd. Dragongirl. Del Rey: Ballantine. ISBN 9780345491169. $26.
Devotion and sacrifice are the twin keys that will save Pern from a plague that is killing the dragons necessary to combat the deadly space-born spore that falls from the sky. The son of sf Grand Master Anne McCaffrey continues the beloved world created by his mother. (LJ 7/10)

Miéville, China. Kraken. Del Rey: Ballantine. ISBN 9780345497499. $26.
Museum curator Billy Harrow tracks the preserved corpse of a giant squid through a London populated by cultists, paranormal investigators, and supernatural scoundrels. Brilliant storytelling and doses of eccentric humor and eerily compelling horror call to mind the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells. (LJ 6/15/10)

Newton, Mark Charan. Nights of Villjamur. Spectra: Bantam. (Legends of the Red Sun, Bk 1). 
ISBN 9780345520845. $26.
Conspiracy and murder threaten the grand city of Villjamur as an ice age's approach brings throngs of refugees to civilization's heart. Newton's outstanding fantasy series debut is filled with splendid imagery and compelling dramatic conflicts. (LJ 5/15/10)

White, Skyler. And Falling, Fly. Berkley: Penguin Group (USA). ISBN 9780425232347. pap. $15.
A neuroscientist seeking to cure his memories of past lives meets a fallen angel of desire in an underground asylum. One of the year's most unusual blends of supernatural fiction and urban fantasy. (LJ 3/15/10)


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