2010 BSFA Awards 入圍名單


Best Novel:
Ark by Stephen Baxter (Gollancz)
Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin (Gollancz)
The City & the City by China Mieville (Macmillan)
Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)

Best Short Fiction:
"Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast" by Eugie Foster (Interzone 220)
The Push by Dave Hutchinson (Newcon Press)
"Johnnie and Emmie-Lou Get Married" by Kim Lakin-Smith (Interzone 222)
"Vishnu at the Cat Circus" by Ian McDonald (in Cyberabad Days, Gollancz)
"The Beloved Time of Their Lives" [pdf 檔連結] by Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia (in The Beloved of My Beloved, Newcon Press)
"The Assistant" by Ian Whates (in The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 3, ed. George Mann)

Best Artwork:
"Emerald" by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Cover of Desolation Road by Ian McDonald, by Stephan Martinière, jacket design by Jacqueline Nasso Cooke
Cover of Interzone 220, Adam Tredowski
Cover of Interzone 224, Adam Tredowski
Cover of Interzone 225, Adam Tredowski

Best Non-Fiction:
Canary Fever by John Clute (Beccon)
"Mutant Popcorn" by Nick Lowe (Interzone)
A Short History of Fantasy by Farah Mendlesohn and Edward James (Middlesex University Press)


長篇小說部分,儘管我已經入手 Lavinia,不過應該是來不及的 ^^||,非小說那幾篇短的也會先看過。


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