2008 Week 27 (29.06.08 ~ 05.07.08) 免費小說線上合法下載

ChiZine #37 (07-09/2008)
Helix #9 (summer 2008)
David Brin, "Those Eyes" (1994) [podcast]
Frederic Brown, "Arena" (1944)
Ron Cocking, "Warning from the Stars" (1959)
Randall Garret, The Highest Treason (1961) [podcast]
Jim C. Hines, "Spell of the Sparrow" (2004) [podcast]
Robert E. Howard, "Champ of the Forecastle"
Richard Kadrey, "Food Chain Blues" (2002)
Richard Kadrey, "Heat Island" (2002)
Richard Kadrey, "SETI" (2002)
Richard Kadrey, "Zombie" (2002)
James Patrick Kelly, "Monsters" (1992)
James Patrick Kelly, "The Pyramid of Amirah" (2002)
Jay Lake, "Chain of Fools" (in Subterranean Magazine, summer 2008)
Richard Larson, "Good Night" (2008)
Hilary Moon Murphy, "The Grand Cheat" (2008) [podcast]
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, "MAQUECH" (2008)
Frank Lillie Pollack, "Finis" (1906)
Rudy Rucker, "The Men in the Back Room at the Country Club" (2005)
Nat Schachner, "Crystallized Thought" (1937)
Robert Sheckley, "Reborn Again" (2005)
Ramsey Shehadeh, "Jimmy's Roadside Cafe" (2008)
M.P. Shiel, The Purple Cloud (1901)
Rachel Swirsky, "Marrying the Sun" (2008)
E. Charles Vivian, The Ninth Life (1939)
Edgar Wallace, The Clue of the Silver Key (1930)
Stanley G. Weinbaum, "Proteus Island" (1936)
Walter Jon Williams, "The Green Leopard Plague" (2003)

L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) X-D

瑞典作家 A. R. Yngve 作品大放送:

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