2008 Week 19 (04.05.08 ~ 10.05.08) 免費小說線上合法下載

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Jul 2008 實體書贈送(要填寫個人資料報名,收到雜誌後要寫心得在 blog 上回傳連結)
Jayme Lynn Blaschke, "Memory" (2008, in serial)
Cory Doctorow, Little Brother (2008, under CC license)
Ellsworth Douglass, Pharaoh's Broker (1899)
Sara Douglass, The Serpent Bride (2007)(需要在 HarperCollins e-books 網站註冊、「購買」後,使用 coupon 折價才能獲得)
Jeff Duntemann, "Inevitability Sphere" (1978)
Jeff Duntemann, "Guardian" (1980)
Jeff Duntemann, "Silicon Psalm" (1980)
Jeff Duntemann, "STORMY Versus the Tornadoes" (1990)
Gwyneth Jones, "The Tomb Wife" (2007)
Ruth Nestvold, "Happily Ever Awhile" (2005)
Ruth Nestvold, "The Leaving Sweater" (2007)
Mike Resnick, "Beachcomber" (1980)
Mike Resnick, "Bully!" (1990)
Mike Resnick, "Winter Solstice" (1991)
Mike Resnick, "Hothouse Flowers" (1999)
Mike Resnick, "Catastrophe and the Cold Equations" (2006)
Steven Utley, "All of Creation" (2007)
Peter Watts, Behemoth (2004/5)
Peter Watts, "Repeating the Past" (2007)

Doctorow 那本未上市先轟動的 Little Brother 居然同時推出免$$版,絕對不能錯過!

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