2008 Week 13 (23.03.08 ~ 29.03.08) 人物訪談連結

J.G. Ballard in Conversation with Jörg Krichbaum and Rein A. Zondergeld in Ballardian (01.03.76)
Iain M. Banks interviewed by Greg Lowe in Spike Magazine (24.03.08)
Matt Cheney interviewed by Nita Noveno in Sunday Salon (29.03.08)
Jeffrey Ford interviewed in Agony Column (16.03.08)
Jeffrey Ford interviewed in the bat segundo show #191 (28.03.08)
Felix Gilman interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Omnivoracious on his new book Thunderer (28.03.08)
Matthew Jarpe interviewed by Scott William Carter in The First Book on his new book Radio Freefall (25.03.08)
John Klima interviewed in Bibliophile Stalker (25.03.08)
Sue Lange interviewed by K. S. Augustin in Radio Free Bliss (25.03.08)
Joe Lansdale interviewed by Robert Greenberger in ComicMix on 'Pigeons from Hell' (25.03.08)
Gail Z. Martin interviewed in Sci-Fi Talk on The Blood King (21.03.08)
Archbishop John J. Myers interviewed in Sci-Fi Talk (26.03.08)
John Varley interviewed by Jessica Strider in Sci-Fi Fan Letter (23.03.08)
Timothy Zahn interviewed in Adventures in Scifi Publishing (23.03.08)

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