2008 Week 25 (15.06.08 ~ 21.06.08) 人物訪談連結

R. Scott Bakker interviewed in Sci-Fi Fan Letter (16.06.08)
Stephen Baxter interviewed in SFX (17.06.08)
Mark Chadbourn podcast-interviewed by Gail Martin (19.06.08)
Cory Doctorow podcast-interviewed in The ScifiDimensions Podcast (14.06.08)
Nancy Kress interviewed by Mike Brotherton (16.06.08)
Jay Lake interviewed in Fantasy Book Critic (20.06.08)
Paul J. McAuley interviewed in ActuSf
Alan Moore interviewed in The Forbidden Planet (13.06.08) part II
Robert J. Sawyer podcast-interviewed in SmofCast (19.06.08)
Whitley Strieber interviewed in The Agony Column (16.06.08) part II

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