2008 Week 20 (11.05.08 ~ 17.05.08) 人物訪談連結

Lou Anders interviewed by Lon Cohen in Matrix #186
Iain M. Banks interviewed in CNN (15.05.08)
Lois McMaster Bujold podcast-interviewed in Adventures in Scifi Publishing (13.05.08)
Ted Chiang podcast-interviewed in Starship Sofa
Stephen Hunt interviewed in Fantasy Book Critic with a review of The Kingdom Beyond the Waves (12.05.08)
Jonathan Lethem interviewed by Zack Smith in Newsarama on Omega the Unkown (20.07.07)
Scott Sigler podcast-interviewed in The SciFiDimensions Podcast (14.05.08)
Jeff Somers interviewed by Mike Collins in Rescued by Nerds (13.05.08)
Bruce Sterling interviewed in Reason Magazine (01.04)
S. M. Sterling interviewed by Peter Hodges (16.05.08)
Catherynne M. Valente interviewed by Elizabeth A. Allen in The Fix (15.05.08)
Wil Wheaton podcast-interviewed in This Week in Geek (16.05.08)

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