2008 Week 28 (06.07.08 ~ 12.07.08) 免費小說線上合法下載

Concept #1 (July 2008)
Kris Ashton, "Modifications" [podcast]
Elizabeth Bear, "The Something-Dreaming Game" (2007) [podcast]
Leah Bobet, "Bell, Book, and Candle" (2008)
Ellsworth Douglass, Pharaoh's Broker (1899)
Edmond Hamilton, "The Stars, My Brothers" (1962)
Matthew Jarpe, "Chicken Soup for Mars and Venus" (2004) [podcast] part I
Gwyneth Jones, "The Tomb Wife" (2007) [podcast] part I, part II
Richard Kadrey, "The Tears of the Moon" (2002)
Allen Kim Lang, "The Great Potlatch Riots" (1959)
Ann Leckie, "Marsh Gods" (2008)
Yoon Ha Lee, "Eating Hearts" (2005) [podcast]
James Maxey, "Tornado of Sparks" (2007)
Mike Resnick, "Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge" (in Subterranean Magazine, summer 2008)
Richard Sabia, "The Premiere" (1959)
Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, "Reign of the Superman" (1933)
Lee Tarbell, "Valley of the Croen" (1949)

Karen Traviss, City of Pearl (2004) 全本小說!
不過要透過 HarperCollins 的電子書線上購買系統輸入 coupon "EOS4" 後購入才能下載。

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, The Disappeared (2002) 完整朗讀版!

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