2008 Week 23 (01.06.08 ~ 07.06.08) 人物訪談連結

Lou Anders podcast-interviewed in The Agony Column (05.06.08)
Laird Barron interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Clarkesworld Magazine #21 (Jun 2008)
Cory Doctorow interviewed by Sarah Weinman in eMusic (23.05.08)
Cory Doctorow podcast-interviewed in The Agony Column (02.06.08)
Peter F. Hamilton interviewed in Walker of Worlds (02.06.08)
Paul Kearney interviewed in A Dribble of Ink (03.06.08)
Gail Z. Martin podcast-interviewed in The Dragon Page (27.05.08)
David Marusek interviewed in ActuSf (04.06.08)
Benjamin Rosenbaum interviewed in Bibliophile Stalker (03.06.08)
Ridley Scott interviewed by Scott Essman in Eclipse Magazine (03.06.08)
Jeffrey Thomas interviewed by Fabio Fernandes in Post-Weird Thoughts (07.06.08)
John C. Wright podcast-interviewed in The SciFiDimensions Podcast (01.06.08)

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