2008 Week 21 (18.05.08 ~ 24.05.08) 人物訪談連結

Joe Abercrombie interviewed by Joseph Malozzi (23.05.08)
J. G. Ballard interviewed in Penthouse (1979)
Ian Cameron Esslemont interviewed by Jay Tomio in Fantasybookspot (24.05.08)
Isamu Fukui podcast-interviewed by Rick Kleffel in NPR (18.05.08)
Jim C. Hines interviewed in The Sci-Fi Genre Review (20.05.08)
Charlie Huston interviewed in Fantasybookspot (20.05.08)
Greg Keyes interviewed in Fantasy Book Critic (23.05.08)
Scott Mackay interviewed in Grasping for the Wind (21.05.08)
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. interviewed in The Dragon Page (19.05.08)
James Morrow interviewed in SF Signal (20.05.08)
James and Kathryn Morrow interviewed by Ian Randal Strock in SF Scope (21.05.08)
Terry Pratchett podcast-interviewed by John Humphrys in BBC Radio 4 (20.05.08)
Patrick Rothfuss podcast-interviewed in The Dead Robots' Society (18.05.08)
John Scalzi podcast-interviewed in StarShipSofa (21.05.08)
S. M. Stirling interviewed by Peter Hodges (23.05.08) [part II]
Liz Williams interviewed in SFX (20.05.08)
Walter Jon Williams interviewed by John Scalzi in Whatever (20.05.08)

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