2008 Week 16 (13.04.08 ~ 19.04.08) 免費小說線上合法下載

Arthur K. Barnes, "Trouble on Titan" (1941)
Beth BernoBich, "Air and Angels" (2008, in Spring 2008 Subterranean Online)
Adriana Campoy & James P. Blaylock, "Stone Eggs" (2008, in Spring 2008 Subterranean Online)
Raymond Z. Gallun, The Planet Strappers (1961)
Gordon Randall Garrett, "The Penal Cluster" (1957)
Daryl Gregory, "In the Wheels" (1990)
Daryl Gregory, "The Continuing Adventures of Rocket Boy" (2004)
Daryl Gregory, "Free, and Clear" (2004)
John Kessel, The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories (2008, under CC 3.0)
Jay Lake, "Small Magic"
Murray Leinster, Space Plateform (1953)
Nina Munteanu, "A Butterfly in Peking" (2003)
John Scalzi, "How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story" (2006, a shareware story ^^,看完喜歡記得樂捐)
Karen Traviss, Judge (2008, 僅供線上閱覽)
Ekaterina Sedia, "By the Liter" (2008, in Spring 2008 Subterranean Online)
Murray F. Yaco, "No Moving Part" (1960)
A. R. Yngve, "A Man Called Mister Brown" (2008, 1/8 serial)

John Kessel 那本是他多年來的短篇集,一定不能錯過啊~~~

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