2008 Week 12 (16.03.08 ~ 22.03.08) 人物訪談連結

Joe Abercrombie interviewed by Darren Turpin in The UK SF Book News (14.03.08)
Ellen Datlaw interviewed by Charles Tan in Bibliophile Stalker (18.03.08)
Pamela Freeman interviewed in Grasping for the Wind (19.03.08)
Kay Kenyon interviewed by Jefferson Robbins in Go! Magazine (20.03.08)
Terry Pratchett interviewed in The Guardian (18.03.08)
Robert Reed interviewed by John Joseph Adams in F&SF on "Five Thrillers" (17.03.08)
Whitley & Anne Strieber interviewed by Tor (22.03.08)
Justin Taylor interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Omnivoracious (17.03.08)
Ann VanderMeer interviewed by Matt Staggs in skullring.org (16.03.08)

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