2008 Week 11 (09.03.08 ~ 15.03.08) 人物訪談連結

Lou Anders & William Drinkard interviewed in My Fox Birmingham (12.03.08)
Paolo Bacigalupi interviewed by Aaron Hughes in Fantastic Reviews (02.08)
Steven Erikson interviewed in Neth Space (12.03.08)
Tracy Hickman interviewed in Adventures in Scifi Publishing (09.03.08)
Jim C. Hines interviewed in FantasyBookSpot (07.03.08)
Jim C. Hines interviewed in Sci-Fi Fan Letter (09.03.08)
George R. R. Martin interviewed in World Fantasy Convention 2008 (09.03.08)
Paul Melko interviewed by Simon Haynes in The Hal Spacejock Series (14.03.08)
Paul Melko interviewed in ccfinlay (14.03.08)
Elizabeth Moon interviewed in Fast Forward (12.03.08)
Alastair Reynolds interviewed in Physicality of Words (12.03.08)
Robert J. Sawyer interviewed in CBC Toronto (10.03.08)
Robert J. Saywer answered some question about Mindscan in his own blog (13.03.08)
John Varley interviewed by Annalee Newitz in io9 (10.03.08)
Scott Westerfield interviewed in Kaleb Nation (11.03.08)

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