2008 Week 10 (02.03.08 ~ 08.03.08) 人物訪談連結

John Joseph Adams interviewed by Sean Melican in ideomancer (vol 7 issue 1)
Barth Anderson interviewed by Gayle Surrette in SFRevu (03.08)
Paolo Bacigalupi interviewed in Agony Column (23.02.08)
Iain (M.) Banks interviewed by Lev Grossman in TIME (29.02.08)
Jim C. Hines interviewed by Jason Sanford in Monsters and Critics.com (06.03.08)
David Keck interviewed in The Dragon Page on his book In a Time of Treason (03.03.08)
Michael Moorcock interviewed in ActuSf (04.03.08)
Pat Murphy interviewed in Teen Book Review (06.03.08)
Tim Powers interviewed in ActuSf (03.08)
Alastair Reynolds interviewed by Adam Whitehead in Pat's Fantasy Hotlist (05.03.08)
R. A. Salvatore interviewed in Tor Books on his new book The Ancient (04.03.08)
John Scalzi interviewed by Christopher Lester in I Should Be Writing (01.03.08)
Vandana Singh interviewed by Jesse Vernon in Ambling Along the Aqueduct (21.02.08)
Maria V. Snyder interviewed by Mike Brotherton (02.03.08)
Michael Swanwick interviewed in Neth Space (06.03.08)
Harry Turtledove interviewed by Jay Lake (07.03.08)
Jeff VanderMeer interviewed by Brad Moon in Wired on his new chapbook The Situation (04.03.08)
Peter Watts interviewed by J. G. Stigson in The Internet Review of Science Fiction (02.08)

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