2008 Week 1 ~ 8 人物訪談連結

Week 1: (30.12.07 ~ 05.01.08)
Daniel Abraham interviewed by Tobias Buckell in Clarkesworld Magazine (02.01.08)
Jeffrey Ford interviewed by ActuSF (02.01.08)
Jeremy Lassen (of Nightshade Books) interviewed by The Agony Column on Best Books of 2007 (31.12.07)
Dan Simmons profiled in Wabash Magazine (spring 1998)
Charles Stross interviewed by The Agony Column on Halting State (31.12.07)
Vernor Vinge interviewed by Shaun Farrell in Clarkesworld Magazine (02.01.08)

Week 2: (06.01.08 ~ 12.01.08)
Tobias Buckell interviewed by FastForward Radio (05.01.08)
Ken MacLeod interviewed by io9 (10.01.08)
Jennifer Rahn interviewed by S. M. Duke at The World in the Satin Bag (08.01.08)
Charles Stross interviewed by io9 (09.01.08)
Sean Williams interviewed by Jessica Wade, Ace and Roc Associate Editor at Penguin Group blog (10.01.08)
Timothy Zahn interviewed by Stephen Euin Cobb at The Future and You (09.01.08)

Week 3: (13.01.08 ~ 19.01.08)
Kevin J. Anderson & Sean Williams interviewed in AISFP 40 (11.01.08)
Stephen Baxter interviewed by ActuSF (15.01.08)
Michael Moorcock interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in OMNIVORACIOUS (17.01.08)
Robert J. Sawyer interviewed in The Agenda on Roboethics (14.01.08)
Lucius Shepard interviewed by ActuSF (14.01.08)

Week 4: (20.01.08 ~ 26.01.08)
R. Scott Bakker interviewed by Pat's Fantasy Hotlist (21.01.2008)
J. G. Ballard profiled by Stuart Wavell in Times Online (20.01.2008)
Peter S. Beagle interviewed in Agony Column (19.01.2008)
Ellen Datlow interviewed by Nicholas Kaufmann in FearZone (25.01.2008)
Samuel R. Delany interviewed by K. Leslie Steiner in Center for Book Culture (Fall 1996)
Terry Goodkind interviewed in Adventures in Scifi Publishing (25.01.08)
Kathleen Ann Goonan interviewed by io9 on nanopunk and jazz (17.01.2008)
Ken MacLeod interviewed by Dennis Pilon in Canadian Dimension (11/12 2007)
Kim Stanley Robinson interviewed by BLDG (19.12.2007)
Rob Rogers interviewed by Bibliophile Stalker (22.01.2008)
Ann & Jeff VanderMeer interviewed by Rick Kleffel in Agony Column (25.01.2008)
John C. Wright interviewed by MilSciFi.com (24.01.2008)
Zoran Zivkovic interviewed by S. M. Duke in The World in the Stain Bag (22.01.2008)

Week 5: (27.01.08 ~ 02.02.08)
Daniel Abraham, Gardner Dozois and George R. R. Martin interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Omnivoracious on their new book Hunter's Run (20.01.2008)
Brandon Sanders interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Omnivoracious on Robert Jordan and The Wheel of Time (01.02.2008)
Gary Westfahl interviewed in WICN's Inquiry on his book Hugo Gernsback and the Century of Science Fiction (29.01.2008)

Week 6: (03.02.08 ~ 09.02.08)
Iain M. Banks interviewed by Sarah Kinson in Guardian Unlimited (07.02.2008)
Jeffrey Ford interviewed in Bibliophile Stalker (05.02.2008)
Gregory Frost interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Omnivoracious on his new fantasy epic, Shadowbridge (03.02.2008)
James Patrick Kelly interviewed by Cameron Parkins in Creative Commons (28.01.2008)
David D. Levine interviewed in Write Damn Now (02.02.2008)
Tim Pratt interviewed by John Joseph Adams in SCI FI Weekly (04.02.2008)
Robert J. Sawyer interviewed by Kent Pollard in McNally Robinson Booksellers (29.01.2008)
Edward Willett interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Ecstatic Days (07.02.2008)
Jane Yolen interviewed by Kat Bittner in SFRevu (31.01.2008)
John Zakour & Brandon Sanderson interviewed in Adventures in Scifi Publishing (09.02.2008)

Week 7: (10.02.08 ~ 16.02.08)
Joe Abercrombie interviewed in A Dribble of Ink (11.02.08)
Kevin J. Anderson interviewed in Fantasy Book Critic (13.02.08)
Mike Carey interviewed in Yatterings (11.02.08)
Gregory Frost interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in SF Site (15.02.08)
Kathleen Ann Goonan interviewed in Fast Forward TV (11.02.08)

Week 8: (17.02.08 ~ 23.02.08)
Paolo Bacigalupi interviewed by Paul Goat Allen in Publishers Weekly (20.02.08)
Paolo Bacigalupi interviewed by Michelle Nijhuis in grist (21.02.08)
Iain M. Banks interviewed in io9 on his new novel Matter (19.02.08)
Mike Brotherton interviewed in Physicality of Words (22.02.08)
Samuel R. Delany interviewed in io9 on Greenwich Village (22.02.08)
Steve Erickson interviewed in The Bat Segundo Show #180 (19.02.08)
J. M. McDermott interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer in Omnivoracious (18.02.08)
L. E. Modesitt interviewed in ActuSF (23.02.08)
George A. Romero interviewed by Paul Fischer in Dark Horizons (22.02.08)
Charles Stross interviewed by Lawrence in Fantasybookspot (11.02.08)

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