Taking Notes: "Inspiration" (2006) by Jeff VanderMeer

Jeff VanderMeer 在他 blog 上所發表的一篇關於寫作的感言。有意參與文藝創作的人全篇看完後,應該心有戚戚焉。



paragraph 3:
...... There's nothing more insanely beautiful than sitting down to write--either longhand or on the computer--and find your fingers out-running your brain. To be so inspired that you're not thinking as you write, that you're just the vessel, the receptacle, for the words, which are pouring out as if they were your life's blood.
〔 理想狀態:靈感來了就像用倒的拚命寫。〕

paragraph 4:
...... You can't be inspired every day just like you can't be madly, deeply, insanely in love every day. It's just not possible. No one can sustain that.〔由於不是天天在過年,所以〕Your relationship over time with words, with stories, with characters, has to be deeper than that first rush of emotion.
paragraph 6:
You can't be madly in love all of the time, but if you're not in love some of the time, how do you continue?
paragraph 9:
I get pleasure from writing. An obscene amount of pleasure. ...... And on those days when I feel my heart beating fast and my mind focusing on something unreal to make it real. When I rise from sleep full of story or moment or character or image and when I write it seems as natural as breathing…well, that's a bit like knowing what it's like to be alive. ......
paragraph 11: 〔結論〕
But, regardless, on a basic level, why does one write except for the pleasure of the physical act of writing—without thought, without intent, without agenda. But simply…writing until there is nothing to the world except for the story.


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